The 5 Best Furnace Repair Companies In Denver, CO

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If you searched Google to looking find a furnace repair service in Denver, and you happened to scroll down past the companies listed in the local Maps section, you would see a bunch of websites with headlines like this…

Is There Something You Should Know About These ‘Best Of’ Lists?

screenshot showing search engine results for the query furnace repair denver

Screenshot of the results displayed for the search furnace repair denver.

The logical question that comes to mind is how did the companies behind these websites determine that the contractors on their list are actually the best furnace repair companies in Denver?

There’s an obvious answer to that question once you know the secret behind the websites promoting their own ‘Best Furnace Repair Companies’ lists. Of the websites listed in that screenshot, 4 out of 5 of them are published by lead-generation companies. Lead-generation companies sell ‘leads’ (the information homeowners submit online) to small contractors who typically don’t have the knowledge or resources to market themselves.

altitude comfort heating and air logo

UPDATE: Since this article was originally published, I’ve been asked several times why I didn’t include Altitude Comfort Heating and Air in the list of the best furnace repair companies in Denver when Altitude has more than twice as many 5-star Google reviews than any other heating and air company in the metro area.

There are a couple of reasons actually. First, I know people read my articles looking for solid information they can trust. Since I work at Altitude Comfort I didn’t want the appearance of a conflict of interest to color the objectivity I strive to maintain in every article I write.

Second, I just don’t think it’s necessary. Most people already know Altitude Comfort is one the best furnace repair companies in Denver, and if someone else was writing this article, would certainly be included in this list. Now that we’ve covered that, let’s get on to the list of the 5 best furnace repair service companies in Denver…

The big-name lead-generation companies call themselves ‘home improvement’ websites, and as you might imagine, their Best Furnace Repair Service in Denver lists only include contractors that buy homeowner leads from them. That would be fine IF, the companies behind these Best Of lists were at least honest enough to disclose their financial relationship with the furnace repair contractors they include in their lists. Unfortunately, they aren’t honest enough to do that. I checked as I wrote this article, and I could not find any mention of a financial relationship between those websites and the companies on their ‘Best Of’ lists.

Criteria For A Best Furnace Repair Service In Denver List You Can Trust

So how do you know which companies actually provide the Best Furnace Repair Service in Denver? I’ve listed the 6 most important criteria that make truly professional heating contractors in Denver, and across the country, stand out from the crowd.

6 Qualities Of The Best Furnace Repair Service Companies

  1. Highly-trained, professional HVAC technicians
  2. ALL technicians are background-checked and drug-tested
  3. Maintain extensive parts inventory on company vans
  4. Back all furnace repairs with strong guarantee
  5. Professional company management
  6. Company is financially stable

The 5 Best Furnace Repair Service Companies In Denver

Applewood Plumbing, Heating, and Electric

logo applewood

Applewood has been in business since 1973, and is presumed to be the largest plumbing, heating, and electrical company in the Denver area by revenues. The owner, John Ward, started out in business as a plumber, and has continued to build Applewood into a powerhouse brand. In fact, Applewood has been named one of the Top Places To Work by the Denver Post in 5 out of the last 6 years.

Known for exceptionally tough hiring standards, Applewood employs some of the most experienced furnace repair technicians in town. Applewood also has an impressive operation inside the office. A robust administrative and customer service staff means your call will be answered quickly, and your appointment handled professionally.

Hours: 6AM – 10PM 7 Days A Week
Location: 5000 West 29th Avenue, Denver, CO

Brothers Plumbing

logo brothers

Brothers Plumbing is one of the Denver business community’s genuine feel-good stories. Founded by two brothers, only one continued on in the business. After many years of struggle, Marvin, the remaining brother, managed to take advantage of business management resources through a highly-respected plumbing contractor group.

Now one of the most successful plumbing, heating, and electric companies in metro Denver, the Brothers Plumbing torch has been passed to the founder’s children. By all accounts they are doing a terrific job carrying on the family tradition of outstanding customer service.

Brothers is the only other company in Denver besides Altitude Comfort Heating and Air to have earned the distinction of a Tech Seal of Safety company. Tech Seal of Safety certification means the business has committed to only hiring technicians that have passed a background check and drug testing.

Hours: 7AM – 10PM Weekdays, 7AM – 8PM Weekends.
Location: 12249 Pennsylvania Street, Thornton, CO

Dr. Fix It

logo doctor fix it

A well-known name in the plumbing business here in Denver since 1989, Dr. Fix It began offering furnace repair service a few years ago. Easily identified by their bright red company trucks, Dr. Fix-It has expanded their presence and grown their business across the Denver metro area.

Doctor Fix-It has been the exclusive plumber recommended by Dave Logan, a respected local Denver reputation management personality. Dave Logan played professional football for the Denver Broncos, and has become a fixture in the community as a Denver radio and media personality.

Dr. Fix It is another of the best furnace repair companies in Denver that has an impressive staff to handle customer phone calls, and dispatch their technicians.

Hours: Not Listed
Location: 363 West Evans Avenue, Denver, CO

Golden West Plumbing, Heating, & Electric

logo golden west

One of the few Denver companies that offers 24-hour emergency plumbing service, Golden West is known for their bright yellow trucks blazoned with their Fix It Today, Pay Later motto.

Like Applewood and Brothers Plumbing, Golden West also boasts an impressive call center and dispatch operation.

Hours: 7AM – 6PM 7 Days A Week
Location: 4217 Delaware Street, Denver, CO

Plumbline Services

logo plumbline services

Piloted by General Manager Bob Logan and his team of executives, Plumbline has become one of the largest furnace repair service companies in the Denver area since its founding in 1998. Bob started out as Plumbline’s Service Manager back in 2009, and has since been promoted to the GM position.

Plumbline has an impressive administrative and customer service team, and tremendous number of HVAC technicians.

A Team Dave Logan member company, Plumbline is also recommended by Tom Martino’s Referralist.

Hours: 7AM – 10PM 7 Days A Week
Location: 7000 South potomac Street, Centennial, CO

Click the following link for more information on furnace repair in Centennial, CO.

So there you have it, the real No B.S. list of the 5 best furnace repair companies in Denver, Colorado. So why am I writing an article about how good other companies are instead of promoting Altitude Comfort? Obviously I wish everyone would call us when they need furnace repair service, but that’s not realistic. Sometimes people live outside of our service area, or maybe our schedule is full that day and you need someone right now.

Our attitude is that if we can’t take care of what you need when you call our office, we still want to help, even if that just means helping you find another company that can take care of you. I want everyone in Denver to have honest, objective information to rely on when looking for furnace repair service instead of relying on bogus ‘Best Of’ lists put out by companies that engage in deceptive marketing.

Just In Case You Were Wondering: Unlike the other lists promoted by home improvement lead-generation websites, I have no financial relationship with any of these companies, and neither does anyone else at Altitude Comfort Heating and Air. In the interest of transparency, I have met a handful of people from a few of these companies while I was in our booth at the Colorado Home and Garden Show, but I don’t have a personal relationship with anyone from any of these companies.

If you’d like more specific information on Altitude Comfort Heating and Air or just want to check out how our furnace repair process benefits our customers.

To find out more about Altitude Comfort Heating and Air visit our website at Altitude Comfort Heating and Air – Furnace Repair Denver.


image of a furnace in the Altitude Comfort Heating and Air furnace repair training center.

A peek at the new Altitude Comfort Heating and Air in-house furnace repair training center in Denver, Colorado.

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