The Best Evaporative Cooler Brands For Denver Homeowners

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Best Evaporative Cooler Brands For Denver

FACT: When it comes to furnaces or air conditioners, there really isn’t a big difference in quality, performance, or reliability among the top brands.

FACT: When it comes to evaporative coolers, there is a HUGE difference in quality, performance, and reliability among the top brands.

Believe it or not, there’s a big difference between even the #1 and #2 evaporative cooler brands. Don’t get me wrong, the #2 brand makes very good evaporative coolers, and their products are significantly better than the #3 brand. The differences are so dramatic, that if I were installing a new evaporative cooler in my home, I would choose one of the top two brands or nothing at all. 

The Best Evaporative Cooler Brand
First I’m going to tell you which evaporative cooler brand is the best, and then I’m going to explain why it’s the best. Because it’s not just my opinion, there are clear-cut, objective reasons that the top brand makes the absolute best evaporative coolers you can buy.

And the winner is… Breezair Evaporative Coolers is the clear #1 swamp cooler brand and 2nd place isn’t even close.

Why Is Breezair The Best Evaporative Cooler?
Trust me, it’s not just my opinion. Breezier makes the most advanced, headache-free evaporative coolers in the world. Hands-down. The best.

If you’ve had a swamp cooler before, you already know the long list of maintenance headaches that make them a major source of frustration. Considering the simple mechanical nature of a swamp cooler, you wouldn’t think there could be that many things that could go wrong with them. But you’d be wrong.

Breezair has taken all the things that people hate about evaporative coolers and developed solutions to eliminate them. Their engineers have created so many advances in the design and manufacturing of premium evaporative coolers, that even the next best brand (which is very good, by the way) is a distant 2nd place.

Since Breezair has patented all of the innovations they’ve developed and incorporated into their coolers, other brands can’t just add the same features into the design of their products. I’d hate to bore you with the technical aspects of the all the advancements and innovations Breezair has developed, but I’ve put together a follow-up article with a more detailed look at the design and engineering features that they’ve pioneered to take the headache out of owning an evaporative cooler if you’re interested in the nerdy stuff.

There Is One Drawback To Breezier Evaporative Coolers
The only negative thing I can think of about Breezair coolers is that not everyone can have one. That’s because if your house won’t accommodate a down-discharge unit, then you’re out of luck. Breezair only makes down-discharge evaporative coolers.

So that’s the bad news. If you need a side-discharge evaporative cooler, then you won’t be able to install a Breezair. But the good news is, if your house requires a side-discharge unit, you can still install the 2nd best evaporative cooler brand.

AeroCool Is 2nd To Breezier But Best In Side-Discharge Evaporative Coolers
So if you can’t install a Breezair because you need a side-discharge unit, you can still have the best brand for side-discharge evaporative coolers. AeroCool makes fantastic evaporative coolers, and they don’t even mind it when you call their products swamp coolers.

The interesting thing about trying to rank the next best brands after AeroCool is that it really doesn’t matter, because unless neither Breezair or AeroCool has a swamp cooler that will meet your needs, then homeowners shouldn’t even bother with any other brands. The technology, quality, and performance of the other brands are actually that much further behind these two top-tier brands.

Breezair & AeroCool Models Qualify For The Biggest Xcel Evaporative Cooling Rebates
Breezair and AeroCool both have more than one model that can qualify for the highest evaporative cooler rebates for Denver, CO homeowners from Xcel Energy. Depending on which model you choose, Xcel offers up to $1,200 in rebates when you install a qualifying evaporative cooler. We’ve put together an easy-to-understand explanation of the Xcel Energy evaporative cooler installation rebates if you’d like more information on the different rebate amounts available from Xcel.

Why Wouldn’t You install A Breezair Or AeroCool Swamp Cooler?
Maybe you have a really big house with 4,000 s.f. and your roof won’t allow for the installation of two separate evaporative coolers to handle the cooling load. In a situation like that, then you would need to look at other manufacturers with bigger units that have a CFM rating more along the lines of a swamp cooler you would find at a commercial building. But that would be a very unusual situation, and fortunately Breezair and AeroCool have the best evaporative cooler models for just about any other situation.

If you’d like to schedule a Free Estimate for installing a new evaporative cooler, or you’d just like to speak with someone to get more information, feel free to call us at 303-505-3406.

You can also find lots of helpful information and answers to the most common FAQ’s on our page about evaporative cooler installation.


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