Central Air Conditioning Prices – How Much Does A Central Air Conditioner Really Cost?

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When your old air conditioner has to go, wouldn’t the first question that comes to your mind be, ‘how much does it cost to install a new air conditioning unit?’ That’s the first thing most people think of in my experience. So you can imagine how frustrated customers get when every air conditioning company they call refuses to discuss even ballpark pricing info on installing a central air conditioner over the phone.

Of course, most heating and air companies want you to meet with a salesperson before they ever talk with you about pricing. Why do they do this? So they can try to size you up and base the price they quote you on how much research you’ve done or how urgently you need a new air conditioner installed. What a lousy way to do business right?

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So I’m going to give you the information most air conditioning contractors don’t want you to have… the basic price range you can expect reputable air conditioning companies to quote for the installation of a new central ac unit.

The price to install a central air conditioning unit varies significantly depending on the SEER rating of the unit you choose to install. In this post we’ve grouped the broad range of prices quoted from a basic ac unit up through the ultra high efficiency units based on the size of the home.

Since we see hundreds of price quotes from other companies every year, we decided to start taking those quotes and organizing the information to give you a clear picture of the price ranges well-known, reputable companies charge for the different categories of central air conditioners. Keep in mind that the average cost to install a central ac unit varies according to which region of the country you live in. Prices tend to be lower in the Southeast than they are in Western states and the Northeast.

If you’d like more detailed pricing information for each of the different models by SEER rating, we’ve broken down the price ranges for the most popular air conditioning units installed by homeowners from 13 SEER single-stage all the way up through 17 SEER 2-stage models in the 2015 Central Air Conditioning Buyer’s Guide which you can download for Free.

For Homes Between 1,000 and 1,800 Square Feet

Air conditioning companies will charge anywhere from $3,900 for a smaller 13 SEER ac unit all the way up to $7,400 to install a 17 SEER 2-stage model.

For Homes Larger Than 1,800 Square Feet

Air conditioning companies will charge anywhere from $4,500 for a mid-size 13 SEER ac unit up to $7,900 to install a 17 SEER 2-stage model.

Along with more detailed pricing info for each type of air conditioner, the 2015 Central Air Conditioning Buyer’s Guide includes lots of great information on the most common questions customers have when shopping for a new air conditioner, such as:

  • How much does Xcel Energy offer in rebates for each model?
  • What type of air conditioner do I really need?
  • What are the best central air conditioning brands?
  • What should be included in the installation of my new air conditioning unit?

… you can download the 2015 Central Air Conditioning Buyer’s Guide for Free by clicking here.

You can also find answers to just about any question you could ever have when it’s time to install a new central air conditioning unit in the Air Conditioning 101 section of our website.

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