How To Find The True Best Heating Repair Companies In Denver, CO

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Best Heating Repair Companies In Denver, CO

If you’re looking online trying to find a good heating repair contractor, it’s easy to get confused when you see several different websites promoting their lists of the ‘5 Best’ or ’10 Best Heating Repair Contractors in Denver.’

One website even has a list of what they claim are the 25 Best Furnace & Heating Companies here in Denver. What that particular website doesn’t tell you is that the companies on their supposed ‘best of’ list are really just a group of small contractors they sell homeowner information (leads) to when homeowners submit their info on the website looking for a heating repair service company.

Two Ways To Find One Of The Best Heating Repair Contractors In Denver

#1 The Easy Way
I’ve put together a list of the companies that are actually the 5 best heating repair companies in the metro Denver area, and before you ask… no, I did not include our company in the list. Not because we aren’t one of the best heating repair companies in Denver, but because I don’t want there to be any question about my intentions, which are to provide you with unbiased, accurate information.

You can scroll down or just click here to check out my No B.S. list of the 5 Best Heating Repair Companies below, and I’ve detailed the criteria I used to determine which companies would make the Top 5 in the shaded box.

#2 The Do-it-Yourself Way
The DIY way to find a reputable Denver heating repair company is simple, but takes a little time and effort. All you have to do is search Google for the type of service you need, and add the word Denver at the end. For example, if you need heating repair for your furnace or boiler, just Google… heating repair denver. Then you’re going to want to compare the top companies by looking at two important things to determine which company you want to call.

If you want to research different heating repair companies yourself, just scroll down past the list of the best companies I’ve put together to see the two criteria you’ll want to use when deciding which company to call.


The 5 Best Heating Repair Companies In Denver

6 Things The Best Heating Repair Contractors Have In Common

  • Experienced, and knowledgable HVAC techs
  • All techs must pass background checks and drug testing
  • Company vans are well stocked with heating repair parts
  • Strong guarantees on heating repair services
  • Company is professionally managed
  • Financially stability

Applewood Plumbing
Doing business in Denver since 1973, Applewood Plumbing is presumed to be the biggest plumbing, heating & electrical contractor in the metro area. John Ward, the owner of Applewood, began his career as a plumber, and he’s continued to build Applewood into one of the most successful plumbing and heating companies in Denver.

Applewood has developed a reputation for tough hiring standards when it comes to their techs, so they certainly have qualified, and capable furnace repair technicians. Applewood’s back-office operation is equally as impressive. They have a large staff to handle administrative tasks and customer service. You won’t have to leave a message, and wait for someone to get back to you when you call Applewood. Your call will always be answered promptly.

Hours of Operation: 6:00AM – 10:00PM Every Day
Main Office Location: 5000 West 29th Avenue, Denver, CO


Brothers Plumbing
Brothers Plumbing is a family-run business, and has a long history of providing solid customer service. Well-known in Denver as one of the more successful plumbing and heating contractors, the second-generation now operating the business has benefitted from the lessons learned from their father.

Brothers Plumbing is the only other heating contractor in the Denver-area (besides Altitude Comfort Heating and Air) that has earned the designation as a Tech Seal of Safety certified company. Tech Seal of Safety seal is only awarded to contractors that have committed requiring every single one of their technicians to pass background checks and ongoing drug-testing.

Hours of Operation: 7:00AM – 10:00PM Mon-Fri / 7:00AM – 8:00PM Sat & Sun
Main Office Location: 12249 Pennsylvania Street, Thornton, CO


Doctor Fix It
Dr. Fix It added heating repair service to their offerings just a few years back, after establishing their reputation as one of the biggest plumbing service companies in Denver. It’s hard to miss their bright-red red trucks, and like all of the companies included on this list, their technicians are always dressed in very professional uniforms.

Dr. Fix It is the exclusive plumber endorsed by Team Dave Logan, which is a highly-respected reputation management company. Doctor Fix It also has a large administrative and customer service staff to answer customer calls, and dispatch their furnace repair techs efficiently.

Hours of Operation: Not Listed
Main Office Location: 363 West Evans Avenue, Denver, CO


Golden West Plumbing
Golden West technicians drive bright yellow box vans emblazoned with the company’s ‘Fix It Today, Pay Later’ tagline. Although their business hours are listed as 7am-6pm, Golden West does offer 24-hour emergency plumbing service. I’m not sure if there is an additional charge for after-hours emergency service or not, so you’ll want to be sure to ask if you decide to call them for heating repair service after 6pm.

Golden West is another one of the top heating contractors in Denver that has a full-blown command center with a robust customer service staff to handle customer calls and dispatching responsibilities.

Hours of Operation: 7:00AM – 6:00PM Every Day
Main Office Location: 4217 Delaware Street, Denver, CO


Plumbline Services
Plumbline is located south of Denver in the suburb of Centennial, CO but they service all of the Denver metro area, so I am able to include them in the list. Plumb line has been in business since 1998, and has grown tremendously under the leadership of General Manager Bob Logan. Bob joined Plumbline Services as their Service Manager back in 2009, and during his tenure has been promoted to the role of GM.

Plumbline, like all the other companies in the list has a tremendous customer service staff, and the administrative staff required to manage such a large organization.

Plumbline is also a member of Team Dave Logan, as well as Tom Martino’s referral/reputation management company, The Referral List.

Hours of Operation: 7:00AM – 10:00PM 7 Every Day
Main Office Location: 7000 South potomac Street, Centennial, CO


The DIY Way To Find A Top Denver Heating Repair Company

As I mentioned above, if you prefer to find a heating contractor on your own, just search Google for heating repair Denver, and then you should apply 2 important criteria when evaluating the companies that show up.


  1. Average Google rating should be at least 4.5 stars
  2. The more reviews the better. Preferably 100 or more*

*There are exceptions to the 2nd criteria depending on whether or not the company has recently opened an additional location, but their main office location still has plenty of customer reviews.


It’s obviously much easier to contact one of the contractors on the 5 Best Denver Heating Repair Companies list, but if you really want to research companies from a Google search yourself, I’ve put together more detailed information on what to look for in an articled titled How To Evaluate Denver Furnace Repair Companies When You Search Online.

If you’d prefer to check out the Altitude Comfort page for Heating Repair Service, you will find all the details on our service, our heating repair guarantees, and how scheduling works.

Altitude Comfort Heating and Air – Heating Repair Denver, CO

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I like your tip to find a company with a lot of reviews, and all culminating in at least 4.5 stars. My husband and I have a broken heater, so we are wondering how to find the best person to repair it. We will definitely have to find a heating repair company that has some great reviews so we can be sure they give great service.

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