How Much Does It Really Cost To Replace A Central Air Conditioner In Denver?

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deceptive ac ads

Don’t Get Burned By Bait & Switch Ads To Install A New AC Unit On The Cheap!

Would you marry someone who tried to trick you into a relationship? Of course not. But there must be plenty of people who are willing to trust companies that run deceptive ads. If those tricky ads didn’t work, the companies would stop running them.

You’ve probably seen plenty of these ads touting ridiculously low prices for products or services you know can’t possibly be sold as cheaply as advertised. It’s annoying to see these ads, because you know some poor fool is going to take the bait. When I saw this ad in a local neighborhood coupon ‘magazine’ I shook my head in disgust, knowing it was just a blatant attempt to get a salesperson into people’s homes under false pretenses.

deceptive air conditioning ads

Let’s be clear about one thing… you cannot get a quality air conditioning system installed by a reputable company with professional technicians for $1,995. Period.

The equipment, materials, and supplies alone would probably cost that much (or more) if you were installing even a merely average-quality brand, much less one of the highly-rated air conditioner brands. So there has to be a catch, right?

There are most likely several catches. Most things that would typically be included in a standard installation would have to be an additional charge with a promotion like this. Usually you will find that the advertised price is for a very small air conditioning unit, and if your house needs a bigger unit, well of course that’s going to be extra.

I’m not alone among people in the heating and air industry in thinking that this type of advertising sucks. It’s bad for consumers, and bad for our industry as a whole. It erodes the trust people have in all contractors. The question I have is why would anyone do business with a company that makes it clear from the get-go that they can’t just be straight with you.

Even if you saved a couple hundred bucks after all the ‘extras’ were added up, what kind of service do you think you would get after the sale from a company that is willing to start off the relationship in a dishonest way? What kind of warranty do you think you’d get on a deal like this? I can guarantee it won’t come with anything more than the standard 1-year labor warranty. So the company will actually profit when you have problems in the future if they don’t do a good job on the installation.

You can expect to spend a minimum of $4,000 to have a well-known, reputable Denver heating and air company install even the smallest ac unit from one of the cheaper brands. If you’d like more in-depth information about the prices legitimate, trustworthy companies charge for the various types and sizes of central air conditioning units, you’ll find detailed price ranges in the Denver edition of the Central Air Conditioning Buyer’s Guide which you can download for free here.

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