7 Reasons Breezair Evaporative Coolers Are The Best You Can Get

If you were comparing central air conditioners, there would be very little difference between the top two or three brands. That’s not the case when it comes to evaporative coolers. Only one brand manufactures coolers that are so advanced, and so well-designed that they are universally recognized as the best in the industry. Breezair evaporative coolers are so far and away better than any other cooler you could buy that the 2nd place brand doesn't even come close.

Not Just Better, Radically Different

breezair swamp cooler denver coSwamp coolers have always been an option of last resort for most homeowners. They didn’t always work that well, they looked awful, and they were a constant source of maintenance and repair headaches.

Then Breezair changed everything about evaporative coolers. The engineers at Breezair looked at every problem that caused swamp coolers to break down, clog up, or grow scary slimy stuff inside, and then they came up with solutions to solve those problems… every last one of them. Breezair has essentially engineered every problem homeowners have with evaporative coolers out of their products.

High Standards And Total Control

One of the biggest advantages to installing a Breezair evaporative cooler is that Breezair actually manufactures every single component inside their coolers. So they don’t use low-quality components from other manufacturers in their products. They’ve not only raised the bar for the performance and reliability of swamp coolers, they have eliminated the unreliable components other brands use to manufacture their swamp coolers.

7 Reasons Homeowners Prefer Breezair Evaporative Coolers

Reason #1 - Breezair Evaporative Coolers Are Quieter Than Swamp Coolers

breezair evaporative coolerMost swamp coolers have fan blades that spin like helicopter blades. That creates air turbulence, and increases noise levels. Breezair evaporative coolers are built with centrifugal fans, and Hushpower motors which make them much quieter than cheaper, lower-end swamp cooler brands.

Reason #2 - Breezair Coolers Are More Efficient Than Other Coolers

Installing a Breezair evaporative cooler will save you 90% in electrical costs versus installing a central air conditioner. However, most people are surprised to learn that Breezair coolers use up to 40% less electricity than conventional swamp coolers.

Reason #3 - Breezair Coolers Don’t Clog Like Other Swamp Coolers Do

breezair swamp coolersTraditional swamp coolers send water over the pads inside from just one point. This design flaw has been the source of enormous frustration for homeowners who installed cheaper swamp cooler brands in their homes.

Breezair solved this problem when they developed their AquaFlow Non-Clogging Water Distribution System. This revolutionary design supplies a continuous, steady flow of water across the entire surface area of the pad inside, and eliminates the frustration of a clogged swamp cooler completely.

Reason #4 - You Won’t Have Slimy Things Growing Inside Your Breezair

breezair swamp coolerPeople who own lesser-quality evaporative coolers know what it means to have their unit toward into a real ‘swamp cooler.’ Just spend a week on vacation, and you can come home to all sorts of interesting things growing in the water reservoir of your cooler.

Lower-end evaporative cooler brands use a system that dumps water out of the reservoir based on specific time intervals. This allows algae, fungus, and all sorts of things to grow in the reservoir because once it’s started, just dumping the water won’t get rid of it.

Breezier evaporative coolers have a very advanced Water Management System that monitors the water quality inside the reservoir, and dumps the water out before it get dirty enough to start growing its own swamp inside. The dirty water is ejected, and then replaced with fresh water as often as needed to prevent anything from even starting to grow in your cooler.

Breezair coolers also have a Clean & Dry Function that automatically drains the water out of the unit when it’s not in use. This also prevents algae growth and helps keep your cooler clean.

Reason #5 - Breezair Pumps Are More Reliable

breezair swamp coolerWould you be surprised if you bought a new evaporative cooler, and found out later that the pump in that brand new cooler was only covered under warranty for 90 days? Isn’t that a red flag that there’s a serious quality problem with the pump being used in your cooler? In fact, some swamp coolers come with pumps that are only covered under warranty for 30 days!

Breezair evaporative coolers come with the company’s own Tornado pumps. Breezair’s Tornado pumps are incredibly reliable, and come with are covered under warranty for a full 3 years.

Reason #6 - More Efficient Pads Cool Better & Last Longer

breezair evaporative coolerBreezair developed Chillcell pads for their coolers, and they are not only more efficient, they deliver better cooling performance, and they last longer than the pads used in other swamp cooler brands. The pads used in many swamp cooler brands have to be replaced every few years, and some even need to be replaced every year.

Breezair Chillcell pads last up to 7 years according to the company, but I can confidently say that most people can get up to 10 years out of them. People who maintain their coolers by having a trained professional perform the winterization shutdown and Spring start-up service on them routinely find that the Chillcell pads in their Breezair coolers last longer than 7 years.

Reason #7 - Breezair Evaporative Coolers Don’t Rust… Ever

breezair evaporative coolerMost people think of typical evaporative cooler as a ‘rust bucket up on the roof.’ In fact cheaper, lower-quality swamp coolers do in fact look like a rusty old box after a few years. Obviously, if you have a choice no one would choose to have something so unattractive on their home.

You’ll never see a rusty Breezair evaporative cooler on anyone’s home, ever. Because Breezair coolers are made with their Permatuf corrosion-proof cabinet, which won’t corrode or rust. Breezair’s Permatuf cooler cabinets are made with a UV-stabilized structural polymer, which is the same material used to make corrosion-proof battery cases and even a number space satellite components.

If You Want A High-Quality Evaporative Cooler, The Choice Is Clear

breezair evaporative coolerWhen it comes to evaporative coolers, like anything else in life you get what you pay for. You can skimp and install a cooler that delivers so-so cooling performance, and comes with a lot of expensive maintenance and repair headaches. I’ve never met anyone who installed a cheaper, lower-quality cooler who didn’t regret their decision after just a few years.

Or you can invest a little more upfront and install the absolute best evaporative cooler ever made. Your home will be cooler and more comfortable, you’ll save on electrical bills and repair costs, and you’ll be happy with your decision for the next 20 years.

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If you’d like more information on installing a new cooler in your home, you can visit our Denver evaporative cooler installation page.

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