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Denver Emergency Air Conditioning Service - No Extra Charge

When you need emergency A/C service, we're committed to getting your air conditioner fixed immediately, and making sure the work is done right - the first time. Our certified emergency HVAC technicians will provide you with fast, reliable emergency air conditioning repairs 7 days a week, even on weekends and holidays.

Upfront, Fixed-Rate Pricing For Emergency A/C Repairs

All of our air conditioning repair services are provided at a fixed-price based on the type of repair necessary. You'll know the total cost of the repair in advance with no surprises - regardless of how long it takes for us to complete the repair and get your A/C back upand running.

We offer fixed-pricing for air conditioning repairs so you don't have to worry about:

  • Hidden charges
  • Paying more then someone else for the same repair
  • Open-ended hourly billing
  • Technicians suggesting repairs that aren't necessary

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All air conditioning repairs are backed by our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee

Why Denver Homeowners Trust Altitude Comfort For Emergency Air Conditioning Service

  • No Extra Charges For Emergency Repairs. We don't increase repair pricing for after-hours emergencies.
  • Fixed-Pricing For All Repairs. No hidden or unexpected charges.
  • Repairs Are 100% Guaranteed. No fine print.
  • Fast & Reliable Emergency A/C Service. Even on weekends and holidays.
  • Certified A/C Repair Technicians. Experienced professionals with verified backgrounds.
  • Repairs On All Brands & Models Of Air Conditioners.

call us now at 303-505-3406 Or, click here to schedule your air conditioning repair service online now.

4 Most Common Air Conditioning Repair Problems

Outside A/C Unit Stops Working

If your outside unit (condenser) won't turn on, but the fan inside your home seems to be working, check the thermostat to make sure it's working properly. Lower the thermostat by 5 degrees and see if the outside unit turns on. A faulty thermostat can prevent your entire air conditioning system from functioning.

If the thermostat doesn't seem to be the issue, check the circuit breaker for your outside A/C unit. If the breaker has been tripped, gently push the switch all the way off, and then you can reset the breaker. If you reset the breaker and it trips again, call a professional to diagnose the problem.

Plants, tall grass, or other vegetation around your outside A/C unit can also cause the air conditioner to stop functioning. Leaves, grass, and other types of debris can be sucked into the vents of your unit, and cause damage to the capacitor. Call for professional service if you believe this is a possibility.

Air Conditioning Runs But Isn't Cooling Your Home

If you still have air flowing through the vents, but the air isn't cold, your air conditioning system could be low on refrigerant, or you could have a stalled coil. The coil is the component that produces the cold air in your air conditioning system. The condenser fan will continue to run even if the coil isn't functioning properly, and that's why you might feel warm air flowing out of the vents.

The most common cause of warm air coming out of the vents is low refrigerant in the system. You'll want to call for professional service for any problems with refrigerant or the coil in your air conditioning system.

Air Conditioning Unit Is Making Noise

If you hear loud noise, squealing, or vibration coming from your air conditioner, turn the unit off and have a professional HVAC technician inspect the system. Excessive noise can be the result of improper installation, or belt-driven motors in older A/C units.

Air Conditioner Turns On And Off Repeatedly

When your A/C continually turns off and on, this is called 'short-cycling' and it's a fairly common problem. There are several potential issues that can cause your air conditioner to short-cycle.

One potential cause is a problem with the compressor which is sometimes referred to as your 'outside unit'. Your compressor is a 'sealed' component, which protects the moving parts inside from being damaged by dust and debris. Your A/C system will shut down frequently if the compressor is overheating or not functioning properly.

Another potential cause of short cycling is low refrigerant levels in the system.

Frozen coils can also cause short cycling of your air conditioning system. The coil cools the warm air that is drawn from inside your home through the ductwork. Airflow problems are often cause of frozen coils, which leads to the short cycling issue.

If your air conditioning system is turning on and off frequently, have one of our professional HVAC technicians inspect your system for needed repairs.

call us now at 303-505-3406 Or, click here to schedule your air conditioning repair service online now.

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