Evaporative Coolers Frequently Asked Questions

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Question: What is an evaporative cooler?

Answer: An evaporative cooler is used to cool the outside air before it a home using the principle of… you guessed it, evaporation.

Question: Is a swamp cooler the same thing as an evaporative cooler?

Answer: Yes. Swamp cooler is just a nickname people use to refer to cheaper, low-end evaporative coolers.

Question: What is evaporative air conditioning?

Answer: Evaporative air conditioning (or evaporative air conditioner) is a term frequently used to describe the evaporative coolers produced by Breezair since they are so much more advanced than traditional swamp coolers, and deliver home cooling performance on par with central air conditioning.

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Question: How does an evaporative cooler work?

Answer: Evaporative coolers convert warm, dry air to cool moist air and then sends the cooled air into your home. The principle of evaporative cooling is quite simple. For example, when water evaporates from the surface of your skin, it takes a little beat of the heat from your body with it, which cools your skin down.

An evaporative cooler works on the same principle. It causes water to evaporate inside the unit, which cools the temperature of the air being pulled into the unit.

Question: How well do evaporative coolers work?

Answer: That depends on two things. First, the climate you live in. Evaporative coolers work best in dry climates like we have here in Colorado, and throughout the southwest. They are not effective in humid climates like the southeast where the air is humid.

Second, it depends on which type of evaporative cooler you install. Cheaper models, often referred to as swamp coolers, don’t cool the temperature of the air coming into your home nearly as well as the more advanced coolers from the industry’s leading manufacturer.

The evaporative coolers made by Breezair can actually drop the temperature of the air coming into your home by over 30 degrees.

Question: What are the benefits of evaporative coolers?


  • You’ll have fresh, filtered air coming into your home
  • You will save up to 90% on energy costs vs. air conditioning
  • Evaporative coolers are quieter than central air conditioners
  • Trouble-free operation and low-maintenance
  • Your kids opening the doors to go in and out isn’t a problem

For the full list and a more detailed explanation, check out our article on the benefits of evaporative coolers.

Xcel Energy Evaporative Cooler Rebates Denver

Question: Does Xcel Energy still offer evaporative cooler installation rebates?

Answer: Yes, Xcel offers evaporative cooling rebates of up to $1,200 depending on the type of cooler you install. For more detailed information you can check out this article on the Xcel Evaporative Cooling Rebate program.

Note: Altitude Comfort Heating and Air offers Instant Rebates on evaporative cooler installation, so you don’t have to worry about submitting the paperwork or waiting 2-3 months for the rebate check from Xcel.

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Question: Is there financing available for installing a new evaporative cooler?

Answer: Yes, we offer 0% financing for up to 36 months - with $0 Down through Synchrony Financial’s Kwik Comfort financing program. You can find more information on our Evaporative Cooler Financing page.

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