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Furnace Certification

Has a potential buyer for your Denver home requested that you have a licensed and insured HVAC company certify your furnace? If so, you probably have lots of questions about what this means, and how much furnace certification is going to cost you.

It’s very common for homebuyers in Denver to ask the seller to ‘clean and certify’ the furnace as a condition of their offer. Furnace certification puts your potential buyer at ease that they aren’t going to move in and immediately have a big expense replacing an old furnace that either isn’t working, or isn’t safe to operate.

What Is A Furnace Certification?

Furnace certification is a more comprehensive examination of the furnace and its operation than a typical maintenance inspection. Instead of a standard 20 or 25-point inspection, a furnace certification can include as many as 40 items in the inspection checklist.

Special attention is paid to the heat exchanger as part of any furnace certification. The technician will check for carbon monoxide leaks, and depending on the age of the furnace may also use a camera to look for any cracks in the heat exchanger.

How Much Does A Furnace Certification Cost?

A furnace certification provided by a well-known, reputable Denver HVAC company will typically cost anywhere from $350 to $565, depending on what is included with the certification.

What Happens If My Furnace Needs Repairs To Pass Certification?

If your furnace needs repairs to pass certification, you can simply have the technician repair the problem(s) with your furnace. If your furnace requires a Level 2 or higher repair as listed on our Straightforward Pricing Guide, and you have the technician repair the problem so he can complete the certification, we discount the cost of the certification by 50% for you.

What Happens If My Furnace Cannot Be Certified

If your furnace cannot be repaired or requires extensive repairs, you can choose to have the furnace replaced, and we will credit the entire cost of the certification towards the cost of the new furnace. An example of this situation would be if the heat exchanger in your furnace was cracked and leaking carbon monoxide.

If your furnace can’t be certified, and you decide not to replace it, you will not be charged the full cost for a furnace certification. We will discount the cost of the inspection by 25% for you.

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Should You Agree To Have Your Air Conditioner Certified?

Occasionally one of our clients will have a potential buyer ask them to certify their air conditioner. It’s not very common, but it has happened. Our advice is that it’s best to counter that you will agree to have the air conditioner inspected, but not certified.

Why? Because an old or malfunctioning furnace can be a serious health and safety hazard, so it’s perfectly reasonable to absorb the cost of certifying the furnace. An air conditioner, however, does not pose that type of danger to your home and family, so there is no reason you should absorb the cost of having it certified.

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