Littleton Furnace Repair

Altitude Comfort Heating and Air is the top-rated furnace repair service in Littleton, and we have extended our hours during the winter months - with no overtime or after-hours charges.

Altitude Comfort Heating and Air Winter 2018 Extended Hours

Monday - Friday 7:00am - 10:00pm
Saturday - Sunday 8:00am - 10:00pm

Why Are We The Best Furnace Repair Service In Littleton?

There’s a good reason Altitude Comfort has earned the reputation of the best furnace repair service among homeowners in Littleton. Actually there are 5 good reasons…

  1. We provide fast, reliable service by professional furnace repair technicians who have passed background checks and drug testing.
  2. We can fix your problem quickly because we stock our vans with an extensive inventory of furnace repair parts
  3. Straightforward Furnace Repair Pricing means you’ll know exactly how much it will cost to repair your furnace before any work is done.
  4. Your furnace repair will be guaranteed for at least one year, or up to two years as part of our Home Care plan.
  5. Our 100% Satisfaction Guarantee means you’ll be happy with our service from the time we answer your call all the way until your technician cleans up his work area when he’s finished.

Homeowners in Littleton understand the difference between typical furnace repair companies that offer mediocre service at best, and a top-tier company that delivers outstanding customer service day in and day out. That’s why our team has earned more 5-star customer reviews than any other furnace repair service in Littleton

You’ll Love Our Littleton Furnace Repair Technicians

You won’t find better, more qualified technicians at any furnace repair company in Littleton. Altitude Comfort technicians are required to pass both background checks, and drug-testing so you don’t have to be worried about what kind of people are in your home with your family. That’s just the start of what makes our technicians stand out from the technicians at other heating and air companies.

No matter which one of our furnace repair technicians is assigned to your call, you can be sure he has received extensive training both through our in-house training program, and also from the industry’s top furnace manufacturers.

Our Customer-Friendly Furnace Repair Service Process

It’s our goal to make everything as easy as possible for our customers, so we’ve developed an easy-to-understand furnace repair process that our technicians follow on every heating repair appointment.

Your technician will explain how the service call process works before he begins his diagnostic inspection of your furnace, so you will know what to expect as he begins working to repair your furnace.

If you’d like more information prior to your appointment, you can visit the page with all the details about how our furnace repair process works.

We’re Not Your Average Littleton Heating Contractor

As you can probably guess by now, we go above and beyond what other heating repair companies offer to ensure that we provide the best possible experience for our customers. Our entire team will go the extra mile to take great care of you. We have a unique company culture, and we only hire people who are enthusiastic about making our customers smile.

Obviously, it’s never fun when your house is freezing and you need emergency furnace repair, but we believe knowing you’re in good hands helps make the best of a potentially stressful situation. Every one of us wants to make you happy, and get your and your family comfortable again.

Littleton Heating Repair At Its Best

When it’s cold outside, and getting colder in your home, you shouldn’t have to wait days for heating repair service. Give us a call and you’ll see right away why we are known as the best heating repair service in Littleton. Our friendly, professional customer care team will answer your call promptly, and will be able to schedule a heating repair technician for you right away.

Just as we do with every furnace repair we provide, we back your heating repair with at least a 1-year guarantee, and as always our service comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee as well. Your Altitude Comfort heating repair technician will take excellent care of you and your home, and repair your heating system quickly.

Littleton Boiler Repair

Not every home has a furnace, so if your home has a boiler you can be sure that we have top-notch technicians that are experienced boiler repair professionals. Boiler repair procedures and solutions are dramatically different than a typical furnace repair or general heating repair would be. Our technicians have thousands of hours of boiler repair experience, so you can trust that they’ll get the job done right.

Littleton Furnace Troubleshooting Checklist

If you’re having a problem with your furnace, it’s always best to leave any furnace repair you might need to a trained professional. After all, any time you’re dealing with electricity, natural gas, and components that ignite flames, you can imagine how dangerous it can be for someone who isn’t a trained furnace repair professional to attempt to fix the problem.

However, there are a few things you can and should check before calling for furnace repair service, just to make sure the problem isn’t something unrelated to the internal operation of the furnace like a tripped breaker or something simple like that.

Furnace Troubleshooting Steps For Littleton Homeowners

  1. Make sure your disconnect switch hasn’t been turned off. There should be a switch near your furnace that looks similar to a light switch. This is called the disconnect switch, and it is used to turn the power off to your furnace. It should be located somewhere reasonably close to the furnace. If your furnace is in the basement, the disconnect switch will be located in the basement as well. Sometimes the actual switch itself will be black to distinguish it from a standard light switch. Check to make sure this switch hasn’t been turned off by accident.
  2. Check the air filter in your furnace. If it isn’t clean, remove the dirty filter and replace it with a new one right away. A dirty air filter is a leading cause of problems with heating and air conditioning systems. The dirt that gets trapped in your air filter reduces the airflow through your system, and strains the components inside your furnace. Although many air filters indicate that you should change them every 3 months, it’s almost always best to buy less expensive air filters for your furnace and change them every month.
  3. Check the breakers in your electrical panel to make sure the breaker for your furnace hasn’t been tripped. Sometimes, even if the breaker doesn’t look like it’s obviously been tripped, you might want to turn the breaker all the way off, and then turn it back on just to make sure. Not all breakers will give the same clear indication that they’ve tripped.
  4. Check the batteries in your thermostat. If the batteries in your thermostat are low, this can cause problems with your furnace too. it’s always a good idea to replace the batteries on a regular schedule every 6 months, but if you haven’t done that, then you should definitely check to see if the batteries are getting low.

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Facts About Littleton, Colorado

Littleton, CO stretches across and into parts of Arapahoe County, Douglas County and Jefferson County. As of 2016 the population of Littleton was reported as 46,313 although that number has surely climbed since then.

Littleton was incorporated as a city way back in 1890, when it only had a about 245 residents. The elevation of Littleton, at 5,351 feet isn’t that much different than the elevation of the City of Denver. Littleton shares its borders with both Denver and the city of Englewood, CO on the northside, the fast-growing suburb of Highlands Ranch, CO on the southside, Centennial, CO on the eastern edge, and Greenwood Village, CO just to the northeast of its boundaries.

Landmarks And Attractions Around Littleton, CO

One of the most popular attractions in Littleton, CO is Chatfield State Park, which is the largest state park boasting the biggest reservoir close to the city of Denver. Chatfield State Park is located at 11500 N. Roxborough Park Rd., Littleton, CO 80125.

Chatfield is a popular destination for boaters, and has its own marina with docks that can accommodate large boats. Chatfield is also a popular fishing destination, and you can even take fly fishing lessons through some of the local fishing retailers at the lake. Although the sand is quite coarse, and definitely not white, Chatfield even has a small swim beach that is frequented by locals who just want to soak up the sun.

Other notable landmarks around Littleton are the Coors Building at 2489 West Main Street which is close to the Carnegie Library, the Arapahoe County Courthouse on West Littleton Blvd., and Columbine Mill on South Rapp Street.

Some Favorite Restaurants Around Littleton, CO

Okay, so a list of some of the most popular restaurants in Littleton doesn’t really have anything to do with furnace repair service, but… when your furnace stops working it can’t be a bad idea to get out of the house for an hour or so while you wait for your furnace repair technician to arrive can it?

So here’s a short list of some of the best restaurants, pubs, and sports bars around Littleton.

Best Breakfast Restaurant In Littleton

2700 West Bowles Ave.
Littleton, CO 80120
(303) 797-9543


Best Italian Restaurant In Littleton

Angelo’s Taverna
6885 South Santa Fe Drive Suite A
Littleton, CO 80120
(720) 532-1389


Best Southern restaurant In Littleton

NoNo’s Cafe
3005 W County Line Rd
Littleton, CO 80120
(303) 738-8330


Best MicroBrewery In Littleton

Farmhouse at Breckenridge Brewery 2920 Brewery Lane
Littleton, CO 80120
(303) 803-1380


Best Billiards Sports Bar

The Castle Bar and Grill
6657 S Broadway
Littleton, CO 80121
(303) 798-5981


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