My Day at the Denver Aquarium

The Denver Aquarium is one of the biggest and most interesting attractions in the Denver Metropolis. It is one of those places that leave an unforgettable impression every time you visit. I want to share what I recently discovered when I spent an entire day at the Denver Aquarium.

What the aquarium offers

The Denver Downtown aquarium is the ideal place to find upscale-casual eateries, explore the most spectacular marine life and get a good blend of family fun. There is the Adventure Exhibit that has all the extraordinary aquatic life to see. There is the Aquarium Restaurant that is very refreshingly constructed because it is artistically surrounded by 50,000 gallons of ocean life for you to see while you indulge in a versatile selection of delicacies. The idea of eating while surrounded by fish and water is very therapeutic.

More to that, there is an interactive touch and feed stingray tank that makes one of the highlights of the aquarium. The Downtown Aquarium was also designed to incorporate a zoo so it shouldn’t come as a surprise to find mammals and birds in various parts of the aquarium.

I was lucky enough to see a diver feeding the fish inside the tank. This is one of the most interesting events in the aquarium that fascinates both children and adults.

The Dive lounge

My curious stroll led me to the Dive Lounge. The Dive Lounge is one of those upscale affairs that offer a posh and relaxing getaway before and after a sumptuous dinner. The Dive Lounge has a happy hour every Monday through Friday. The Lounge is open from 11 am to 9 pm every day but closes at 9:30 pm on Fridays. With the cool music, creative cocktails, chic ambiance, friendly staff and tasty biting, the Dive Lounge is easily the best place to kick back and relax after a long day.

The prices

I cannot over emphasize how good this aquarium is. There is so much that can be said about the prices of the place, but it is worth the money being charged. The place has a very modern vibe to it, and it is kept quite clean. I liked the fact that there is a general path for people to follow so you will not have to miss anything. You also get to see the fish from all angles in a glass tunnel complete with a glass floor. The place also allows for a stroller so there is no point leaving you little one behind.

There is also a mermaid show which I found rather fascinating despite the fact that it was a bit short.

Final word

I went to the aquarium skeptical about what I heard concerning the Aquarium. The place has turned out to be my perfect unwinding spot. There is ample parking, and most of the amenities like the snack bar, the Dive Lounge, and the Aquarium Restaurant accept both cash and credit cards for payment. The Denver Downtown Aquarium is definitely worth all the time you can find.

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