3 Popular Denver Neighborhoods

The best neighborhoods in the Denver Metropolis offer more variety for housing and amenities like hospitals, schools, shopping malls and attractions. It goes without saying that the neighborhood you choose to live in reflects your personality, interests, and style. If you are into going out and partying a lot, then the suburbs aren’t the place for you. On the other hand, you will be more at home in the suburbs if you want to live a quiet life. With so many neighborhoods in Denver, choosing the right one may be a challenge. We have made things easy for you by selecting three of the best neighborhoods in Denver.


LoDo is an acronym for Lower Downtown Denver. The neighborhood is home to some of the city’ s best galleries, restaurants, shops and boutiques and it is located at the heart of Denver’ s downtown. There are various businesses ranging from retail to real estate and finance.

This is an awesome place to live if you want to live alongside the action. You might pay a bit more for the housing but eventually, you will not have to spend anything on transport.

Capitol Hill

The Capitol Hill is Denver’ s most historic neighborhood and is named after the State Capital building which nests on top of a hill.

The residents of Capitol Hill describe themselves as eclectic and funky. This neighborhood is home to a diversity of people who have one thing in common; loyalty to their neighborhood. With many walkable streets and almost every important amenity just a stone’s throw away, vehicular traffic is usually low. The neighborhood’s popularity has made it one of the city’s densely populated areas with new residential, offices and entertainment venues cropping up everywhere. This urban revival in the downtown makes the neighborhood popular with unmarried professionals.

Cherry Creek

Cherry Creek is one of the upmarket neighborhoods in Denver. There is a wealth of restaurants and shopping malls to enjoy in this premier outdoor dining and retail destination. There is an impressive collection of art galleries and luxury hotels. The neighborhood is clearly for the young at heart.

The upscale neighborhood is a self - contained haven for residents that choose to live here. What we can never fail to mention is the gold past of Cherry Creek. The neighborhood was at the helm of the gold strike at the confluence of South Platte and Cherry Creek River that led to the founding of Denver. The neighborhood has retained its luxurious royal status while remaining simple enough to be called a walking community thanks to the walking trails and biking paths found all over the neighborhood.


Denver is going through gigantic transformation and this is very evident in the neighborhoods. This transformation works well to provide versatile amenities, commercial infrastructure and residential options. The neighborhoods attract both tourists and people who want to make Denver their home either commercially or in the traditional residential sense.

Furnace Repair In Popular Denver Neighborhoods

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