3 Things To Do In Denver

Whether you are a tourist visiting the city or a resident in Denver, there are many interesting experiences to be part of throughout the year. There is everything from restaurants, museums, parks to art galleries and sports stadia to keep you indulged. In Denver, even a simple stroll downtown can be very refreshing and exciting thanks to the interesting blend of urban chic vibe and the Wild West culture and rich history. Just so that you are not spoilt for choice, here are three interesting things to do i n Denver.

Visit the aquarium

A visit to Denver’s downtown aquarium doesn’t disappoint one bit. Though it may seem oddly placed in a city that is set in the midst of mountains and deserts, there are very exciting exhibits in more than 1 million gallons of water. This is the place to g o to if you want to get a feel of underwater ecosystems that is home to more than 500 sea species.

The tanks are interactive and allow you to be part of the underwater world through the touch tanks. There is also the shipwreck and the lagoon exhibits in the aquarium t o let you enjoy more of what he ocean life is all about.

You can always grab a bite at the aquarium's restaurant right in the midst of a 50,000 - gallon tank which is home to thousands of colorful tropical fish that has been brought in from the South Pacific, the Caribbean, Indian Ocean and Hawaii.

Stretch your mind

Denver’s attractions give you a wonderful opportunity to feed your intellect even with your family. You can get some knowledge on dinosaurs at the Morrison National History or visit the Denver Museum of Nature and Science and get to learn about nature and the scientific milestones that man has achieved. If that is not your thing, then you can always catch a movie at the IMA theatre at the same venue of go into space at the planetarium. The Denver Art Museum features one of the best exhibits of 19th-century photography that takes you on a journey to the American west.

Watch Sports

The City of Denver is home to all the four major teams in the various sports leagues including the Denver Broncos, Denver Nuggets, Colorado Rockets and the Colorado Avalanche. You can head to the Coors Field during the summer and watch impressive homeruns in the Major League Baseball. The Coors Field Ball Park is also home to the famous Blue Moon Brewing Company which means that you have plenty of beers to sip during the games.


Checking out the events calendar will make you to better plan and enjoy many of the attractions that Denver has to offer. There are various traditional events that happen throughout the year, especially during the summer. There are also more attractions outside the city of Denver including Water World; which is one of the largest water parks in the United States.

Other Things To Do In Denver

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