A Historic Denver Neighborhood Is Tops For In-Town Living

It is one of those small towns where it feels like you know all your neighbors. It’s so friendly and homely, one of the main reasons why it feels safe to be in Berkeley. You will find Berkeley tacked between the trendy West Highlands and the charming Sunnyside. Most homes in Berkeley are basically brick bungalows, new town homes and the awesome simple cottages that help to display the rich history behind the neighborhood. You will also be amazed by the tall ancient trees that complete the scenery, hovering over the streets providing the much needed shade during the warm months.

For the lovers of nature, there are a number of natural sceneries to behold, the Rocky Mountain Lake is a favorite to many Berkeley residents providing a rustic lake overlooks. The Berkeley Lake Park stretches on 83 acres of land, aligned with lush greenery. The most spectacular scenic views of the old oaks will complete your walks on these gardens. There are three main parks to choose from while living or visiting in Berkeley; the Cesar Chavez, Berkeley Lake and the Rocky Mountain Lake, these are ideal especially for those family outings. There would be nothing better than to jog around the Berkeley Lake. The Berkeley park located on the 46th and Tennyson, has a large lake at the center, bicycle and pedestrian pathways, indoor and outdoor pools, recreational center and a tennis court.

There are so many restaurants in the town of Berkeley offering a variety of cuisines. The proximity to most of these restaurants to the residential buildings makes it possible to eat out at any time of the day. For your pizza, the Atomic Cowboy will be the best for you or visit the Hops N Pie. For that hot cup of coffee, Café Brazil is a few blocks away. The best thing about these restaurants is that you won’t have to wait for long once you’ve placed an order and most of them are also easy to walk in.

Berkeley also offers some distinct historical sites. The Tennyson Street is one of them. The old houses that have now been turned into a shopping district offer a wide range of the basic commodities much needed by the shoppers. There is ample secure parking that is easy. Berkeley has a homey vibe that is well cultivated by the close knit community. This has helped a lot to bring down crime ensuring that the residents as well as visitors feel secure in and around the neighborhood. As time passes, Berkeley has seen more and more construction of single family homes, townhomes, and lofts that have helped in raising the standards of the neighborhood’s real estate industry. Along the Tennyson Street, you will find an experimental performance theatre and an avant-garde cinema. There are also organic food stores, yoga and bookstores.

It’s also important to note of the more younger and upper middle class moving into the neighborhood because of the business resurgence on Tennyson. Just 10 minutes west of Denver, it is the perfect spot for someone looking for that urban neighborhood feel.

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