Denver’s Highland neighborhood - Proximity, Character, And Great Restaurants

It’s a town that is set up on a hill above the city. Most of the residents in Highland testify of the unique feeling of being so far away from the city while its only minutes away from the heart of Downtown. The hilly and tree lined streets with a mixture of artistic houses make Highland one of the most cool and calm neighborhoods of Denver, Co. The views are just awesome as it overlooks Downtown Denver. It has the best tree lined streets that are so ideal for jogging, biking, dog walking or just those evening strolls one decides to have.

The recent past has seen Highland host so many young urbanites who want a house close to Downtown yet with the feeling of being away from the action and drama. This has contributed to a boom in the real estate in the town bringing about an overall vibrancy to the neighborhood. However, the most outstanding houses are the traditional bungalows and the brick homes. There are so many new lofts coming up to give way to the ever increasing number of the young folk. This, however, has not denied the town of the stillness and its quiet nature despite the fact of an ever increasing population.

The other characteristic of Highland is that most of the shops whether corner grocery shops or the other shops, most of these are family owned businesses. Despite the vibration all around, the Highland town has not lost its old world charm. There is a rich ethnic history that comprises of American immigrants, Italian, German, Irish and Mexicans. Most of these families established the already existing cultural events, churches and businesses. Most of the houses have been in that generation ever since the establishment of the town, this has made it possible in preserving the town’s rich history. Most of the homes in highland are row houses, duplexes, and apartments above retail shops.

There are several restaurants in Highland, Denver that are so rich in history. For example, The Highland Tavern is a traditional American Bar and Restaurant, while the Lola Coastal Mexican is a Mexican restaurant that offers Mexican, Central American cuisines as well as gluten free options and vegetarian friendly treats. For your best slices of pizza, some awesome joints to visit include the Tony P’s and Pizzeria, The Well Pizza Bar, Domino’s Pizza that also delivers to your door step and Denver Deep Dish. Back in the year 1907, there was a home that was built on the corner of 32nd Ave. and Meade St. ever since then, the Highlands Cork & Coffee is claimed to have been offering the best espressos, chai teas, Chardonnay’s’, well, the best coffee in town, they also have a free Wi-Fi with a homey feeling.

Your stay or visit will not be complete without visiting the neighborhood parks. The Hirshon Park is close to some unique dining options in Highland such as the Highland Gateway Park has the most beautiful City views and is right next to Avanti Food and Beverage. The people in highland are so friendly and welcoming, given the fact that most of them have lived in the town for long, creating that homey feeling even away from home.

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