Denver’s Park Hill Neighborhood A Park Lover’s Dream

This is one of the neighborhoods in Denver that is bordered by the insanely congested Colorado Blvd in an area known as East Denver. Park Hill has a very rich historical background. It was once used as a grazing ground for farmers. It was mainly a milk town as they used to say, well own for its dairy farms and soil. The town has seen a lot of transformation over the years, one of the main reasons as to why the residents have opted to preserve the ancient buildings. It has become one of Denver’s most treasured neighborhoods. The town saw a lot of the European settlers settle there as well as a few African American families.

Park hill is subdivided into three primary areas referred to as administrative neighborhoods, these are, South Park Hill, north Park Hill and the northeast Park Hill. There is a lot to enjoy while living in Park Hill. Visit the various exhibitions and guided tours while letting the exotic plants and flowers and the long trees that grow on the grounds fill your senses. The blue bird theatre will fill music in your ears while enjoying the performance of local artist and the amazing City Parks Sunday jazz concerts playing.

There are so many restaurants in Park Hill that offer almost all the type of foods ranging from Greek to Italian, Chinese to Ethiopian and from American to Mexican. For the best tasty pizza, the Oblio’s pizzeria can be a wise pick. All these will be after having visited some of the most wonderful small shops antique shops various florists’ and bicycle shops that complete your shopping experience. This will not be so without visiting the west side of the three Park Hill’s neighborhood bordering Colorado Boulevard, here you will find the big name stores that will fill your shopping with an unforgettable experience. It will always be an easy choice to leave your car at home opting for the public transport or taking your bike for a drive as downtown Denver is just within a walking distance. For most of the health minded folks in town, they choose to walk, jog or cycle as this is one way to free the environment of the unwanted carbon emissions.

There are several dog parks in Park Hill, the Stapleton Dog Park, the Railyard Dog Park and Little Boxcar Dog Park are just but a few. You can also take a swim at the Olympic sized swimming pool in Congress Park that has a separate kiddie’s pool. There are also very friendly people who are welcoming and loving all around the town. That make the town a friendly place to be in. it’s an ideal town to bring up a family. Park Hill is considered to be a safe town as the statistics has now shown that crime rate has gone down over the last couple of days. It is however advisable to always do some research before moving in an area to have a feel of the neighborhood and see the area for yourself.

Public Parks Abound In Denver’s Park Hill

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