Public Spaces Make Washington Park A Must Visit Denver Neighborhood

Washington Park is the largest park in Denver district, in Colorado. Over time, it has become one of the most popular residential parks given the proximity to lakes and attraction sites such as Lake Smith as well as the City Ditch. The view is breathtaking. The park was designed by Reinhard Scheutze in the year 1899. There is a huge diversity of peoples from all walks of life in terms of backgrounds and careers. The tree lined streets and the 161 acre park are among the reasons why Washington Park is a favorite.

The roads network and transport system with an inclusion of a light rail station makes movement so convenient and affordable. The parks, lakes, playgrounds, gardens and the recreation centers make it a fabulous neighborhood to the family life set up. For joggers, cyclists and dog walkers, there’s no better place than Washington Park. There are volleyball nets that are set up all around the park for public use. For those who like hanging out, Broadway Street is one of the most popular places to do so, and is open both day and night with secure ample parking. There are plenty of coffee shops, restaurants, bookstores, and a lot of boutiques for your shopping. All these you’ll find along Alameda and Broadway heading north.

The most common restaurants are Lucille’s Creole Café; where you’ll be served with the best coffee and for the weekends, enjoy spicy eggs dishes. For lunch, The Pie Hole will serve you with a range of pizza flavors that tends to change daily. Down the street, you’ll find Fat Sully’s where they serve mostly New York styled pizza.

Other interesting places in Washington Park include the Mayan Theatre that is as much a historical theatre that offers a wide range of foreign language films. The Old Gaylord Street is one street that is so rich in history. The Denver Folklore Center is located in the South Pearl Street and is renowned for the many acoustic music shops in all Denver, offering a wide range of common to the hard to find stringed musical instruments.

There are schools, hospitals and churches that are accessible given the good roads. The New Native Wisconsin Animal Room makes it possible for you to get close to some animals, both land and marine animals. The fresh water lagoon is an all year round attraction site as during the winter you can bring your ice skates and in summer enjoy your paddle. You will not go wrong to choose Washington Park as the people are so friendly and welcoming. There are a lot of associations formed to promote safety and security working hand in hand with the police. These associations have helped bring down the rate of crime in Washington Park, making it the safest neighborhoods. Washington Park can now boast to be the safest places with the lowest crime rates.

There is always something to do around Washington Park no matter the time of the year or season. The park can be a bit crowded during the weekends or during holidays; however, you are assured that you are surrounded by the nicest people.

More Details About Washington Park In Denver

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