Xcel Energy Evaporative Cooler Rebate Program

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Xcel Energy Evaporative Cooler Rebates Denver

GOOD NEWS: Xcel Energy offers rebates of up to $1,200 when you install a qualifying evaporative cooler in your home.

Xcel Energy Evaporative Cooler Rebates Denver

EVEN BETTER NEWS: Altitude Comfort is giving our customers INSTANT REBATES on those qualifying models when we install your new evaporative cooler. We fill out the rebate paperwork, you just sign the form, and we will wait 8-10 weeks for Xcel to send the check to us.

On the day of installation, we’ll give you the credit upfront for whatever Xcel rebate amount your cooler qualifies for. So you’ll have less money out of pocket, and you won’t have to worry about a problem receiving your full rebate.

How Does The Xcel Evaporative Cooling Rebate Program Work?

It’s pretty simple actually, but the details of the program can be a little tough to decipher if you’re looking at the Xcel rebate chart below. All you have to do is choose an evaporative cooler that qualifies for one of the different rebates from Xcel.

Premium System Rebate

There is a rebate of up to $700 for a qualifying Premium System swamp cooler, which generally refers to a 2-stage model. The $700 rebate is available if you are installing a swamp cooler in your home for the first time. If you are replacing an existing swamp cooler, you can qualify for a rebate of up to $600.

Your new swamp cooler must have a media saturation of 85% or higher, a periodic purge water control, and remote thermostat control to qualify for the rebate. The 85% media saturation requirement just refers to the efficiency of the pads inside the cooler.

Breezair swamp coolers have pads that are rated at 90% so they actually exceed this rebate requirement.

Whole House System Rebate

Xcel offers a rebate of up to $1,200 on a qualifying Whole House System swamp cooler with at least three ducts supplying the living areas in the home. The term ‘Whole House’ refers to the three ducts that must be installed to supply cooled air to various rooms designated as ‘living areas.’

Bathrooms and closets don’t qualify as living areas under the Xcel evaporative cooler rebate program, so the ducts must run to areas such as bedrooms, a living room, etc.

First-Time Installation Rebate
vs. Evaporative Cooler Replacement Rebate

If you are just replacing an existing swamp cooler, and nothing else, then you can only qualify for the Replacement rebate.

You can qualify for the higher rebate amounts under the First-Time category if you are installing a new swamp cooler in your home for the first time, or if you are replacing a single-drop swamp cooler with an evaporative cooler combined with the three ducts that supply cooled air to specific rooms in your home.

There is an additional requirement to qualify for the First-Time rebates. The invoice for your swamp cooler installation must reflect the installation of additional equipment, such as pipes, valves, ducts, etc.

We Make Xcel Evaporative Cooler Rebates Easy For You

We’ve listed which models of the top swamp cooler brands can qualify for which Xcel rebate in an article on the 2018 Xcel Evaporative Cooler Installation Rebates so instead of trying to decipher the requirements in the rebate program, you can just see which rebate the most desirable swamp cooler models qualify for.

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