How The Best Swamp Cooler Can Quickly Pay For Itself In Denver

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How The Best Swamp Cooler Can Quickly Pay For Itself In Denver

Denver Homeowners Get The Best Return By Installing A High Quality Evaporative Cooler

If you’re considering installing a new evaporative cooler, you’ve probably heard how great Breezier coolers are. But maybe you’re still wondering if you should install central air conditioning since the cost to put in a new Breezair cooler is basically the same as you’d pay for an air conditioner.

Let me show you how a new Breezair evaporative cooler can actually pay for itself in just a few years. Not only that, but you will continue to save thousands of dollars in the future after your Breezair cooler has paid for itself. 

Let’s say you install a premium cooler like the variable-speed Breezair EXV. That’s typically going to cost around $6,500 for a well-known, reputable company to do the complete installation with the ductwork, including the Up-Dux (which you will definitely want), and a nice thermostat. So let’s look at how that fancy new Breezair evaporative cooler is going to pay for itself.

Xcel Evaporative Cooler Installation Rebates Reduce The Upfront Cost
Xcel Energy offers very attractive rebates when you install a top-of-the-line evaporative cooler. Premium coolers like the Breezair EXV can qualify for up to $1,200 rebates from the Xcel Evaporative Cooler installation Rebate program. So right off the bat, you save $1,200 off the initial cost of installing your new swamp cooler.

*At Altitude Comfort Heating and Air, we don’t ask our customers to go through the hassle of submitting the rebate paperwork, and then waiting 8-10 weeks to receive their rebate check from Xcel. When we install your new evaporative cooler, we’ll give you an Instant Rebate for whatever amount you qualify for from Xcel so that comes off the price on the day of installation.

Savings On Your Home Cooling Bills Add Up Quickly With A Breezair Cooler
Believe it or not, if you own an average-sized home here in Denver, with roughly 1,800 square feet, installing a Breezair cooler instead of an air conditioner can save you as much as $800 a year in summertime electric bills.

For every 300 hours a Denver homeowner runs their air conditioning unit, the estimated electricity cost is roughly $354. If you have a Breezair evaporative cooler, cooling your home for that same 300 hours will only cost you $34 in electricity. That’s not a typo. You would save 90% over the cost of operating an air conditioner keep your house cool, and comfortable.

INTERESTING NOTE: Not just any evaporative cooler will save you this much versus central air conditioning. Standard swamp coolers use 32% more electricity than a Breezier evaporative cooler. Those cheap swamp coolers aren’t actually so cheap when you start comparing them to a Breezair.

Just 6 Years And Your Breezair Evaporative Cooler Has Paid For Itself
If you saved $800 a year in electric costs to cool your home, after just 6 years you will have saved $4,800 on your utility bills. At this point your Breezair cooler has paid for itself, and you’re free-rolling now as you continue to save a ton of money cooling your home every summer.
Let’s check my math before we go any further…

Initial Installation Cost of Breezair EXV                 $6,500

Xcel Evaporative Cooler Rebate                              – $1,200

Electric Bill Savings ($800/year x 6 years)          – $4,800


$   500

Wait, it seems like we’re $500 short. What did I miss?

Savings On Future Replacement Costs
The useful life of a typical air conditioner is about 15 years, although a significant percentage of them don’t last that long due to a combination of age and the need for expensive repairs. When you install a Breezier evaporative cooler you can expect it to last for 20 years, or more.

So if your Breezier ‘only’ lasts for 20 years, that’s 25% longer than the average air conditioner. Let’s assume you would have spent $6,000 installing an air conditioner. That means your Breezair cooler has saved you $1,500 in replacement costs vs central air conditioning unit.

The savings on replacement costs alone more than cover the last $500 for your Breezair cooler to pay for itself, but you’ll actually save a lot more than that in the repair and maintenance expenses that come with lower-tier swamp coolers.

Savings On Repair And Maintenance Costs
Over the years swamp coolers have developed a bad reputation as a constant source of headaches and expense for homeowners in Denver. And for good reason. Breezair has engineered solutions to all the things that have historically caused breakdowns and maintenance nightmares for swamp cooler owners.

When you have a Breezair cooler, you won’t have to worry about incurring the repair and maintenance costs that come standard with every one of the ‘cheaper’ brands of evaporative coolers.

Hopefully now you can see why people who have installed Breezair coolers in their homes are so enthusiastic about them. Even though you will spend a little more to install a top quality evaporative cooler like a Breezair, the long-term savings more than make up for it. Not to mention that Breezair coolers are quieter and more effective at keeping your home cool and comfortable in the summertime.


We’ve added answers to some of the most common F.A.Q.’s on our Denver swamp cooler installation page.

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