4 Most Popular Central Air Conditioning Units In Denver

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popular central air conditioning units denver

Every spring we like to take a look at which air conditioners have proven to be the most popular with customers who replaced their old central ac units in the last year. This year we decided we’d start sharing this information on our blog so you can see what type of units have proven most popular with your Denver neighbors.

As a top rated air conditioning repair company in Denver, we know AC.  So, if you’d like to know more about what an air conditioner’s SEER rating means (in plain English), Xcel Energy’s Denver, CO air conditioning rebates, or pretty much anything else about central air conditioning units you can find that information in the Air Conditioning 101 section of our website.

You can also find the average price ranges to have each of these air conditioners installed by a reputable Denver air conditioning company by downloading the 2015 Central Air Conditioning Buyer’s Guide.


Homeowners looking for a basic, workhorse air conditioner that will cool their home comfortably choose this model by a wide margin.

Why It’s Popular: A 13 SEER is affordable, and energy-efficient. It’s especially popular with homeowners who are installing air conditioning in their home for the first time because without an old air conditioner to trade-in they wouldn’t qualify for a Trade-In rebate from Xcel Energy.


A 14 SEER air conditioner would also be classified as a basic, workhorse unit, although it is approximately 8% more energy-efficient than a 13 SEER model.

Why It’s Popular: Customers who need to replace their old air conditioner with a basic, workhorse unit will often choose the 14 SEER model over a 13 SEER so they can take advantage of the $500 Trade-In rebate Xcel Energy offers on 14 SEER ac units.

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For people in larger homes, or anyone looking to cut high summer cooling bills down to size, the 16 SEER model is considered a high-efficiency air conditioner that offers approximately a 20% increase in energy efficiency over a 13 SEER unit.

Why It’s Popular: Many summertime promotions will require the purchase of at least a 16 SEER unit to qualify for the special financing offers. 16 SEER air conditioners also qualify for up to a $500 New Equipment rebates from Xcel in addition to the Trade-In rebate for anyone replacing their old air conditioning unit.

17 SEER 2-Stage

This model takes us into the Ultra Energy Efficient category of air conditioners. In terms of SEER rating alone it offers approximately a 30% increase in energy-efficiency over a 13 SEER model. The 2-stage feature of this unit offers additional energy savings on top of that.

Why It’s Popular: For homeowners who want to maximize their savings on summertime utility bills, 17 SEER 2-stage air conditioner is a very popular choice. Many 0% financing promotions require the purchase of a 2-stage air conditioner to qualify so people will often step up to this unit to take advantage of the special financing.

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You can also visit the Air Conditioning 101 section of our website or download the 2015 Central Air Conditioning Buyer’s Guide for even more helpful info and advice.

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