Top Rated Furnaces of 2014 – Which Brands Are Best?

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top rated furnaces 2014

Will They Remain The Best Furnace Brands In 2015?

The first time I met a couple I’ll refer to as Mr. & Mrs. Obsessive Researcher they were sitting at their table with a 6″ stack of printouts from the research they’d done on the different furnace brands. Looking at their huge stack of research, I understood why they seemed so stressed, and frustrated that morning.

Mr. Obsessive Researcher asked me to give them my honest opinion as to which was the best furnace brand and why, so here’s exactly what I told them…

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‘For the most part, it doesn’t really matter which brand you choose. You’ll probably be happy with a furnace from any of the top brands.’

Mrs. Obsessive Researcher told me how every company they’d met with had a book or an iPad presentation with page after page about why the brand they were selling was superior to every other furnace on the market.

Unfortunately, most of the information salespeople will use to convince you how great the brand they’re selling is was written by the marketing weasels back at the manufacturer’s corporate office. So you have to take any of that kind of stuff with a grain of salt.


The truth is that the differences in the furnaces produced by any of the top 5 brands is so subtle that it’s not even worth worrying about. A furnace from any of those top tier brands is going to heat your home reliably… as long as the furnace is sized correctly, and installed properly. Even the furnace brand rated as the most reliable brand is only slightly more reliable than the second highest-rated brand.


Even Consumer Reports has made a point os stating that finding a company you can trust is the #1 most important thing to consider when it’s time to install a new furnace. Choosing a company you can trust is more important than the brand of equipment, the price, and anything else you can think of.

Following are the ratings of the best furnace brands in terms of reliability (fewest service and repair calls) as ranked by Consumer Reports in the June, 2014 issue.

top rated furnaces denver

Having seen the good, the bad, and plenty of ugly during my time in the heating and air industry, I can tell you without hesitation that the company that installed the furnace is at the root of 99.9% of the horror stories you’ll hear from exasperated homeowners. The brand usually has nothing to do with the problems they experienced.

So even if you are planning to install one of the top furnace brands, remember to make the trustworthiness of the company you hire your highest priority. Even a new furnace from one of the top rated brands is not likely to live up to its reputation when installed by a less than top-tier company.

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