Best Public Parks in Denver

Denver is home to more than 200 urban parks which cover more than 6,000 acres of land. This means that virtually every other corner of the city has a recreational park. With so many parks, it may be quite a challenge to put your finger on the best ones. Well, we have made it easy for you by sampling three of the very best;

Washington Park

Washington Park is an awesome place complete with gardens, a zoo, a museum and a forest. This park is an ideal place for nature lovers. The journey to exploring and enjoying what the Washington Park has to offer may seem endless. The 155 acres of ground is also a home to two small lakes and a flower garden that is a complete copy of the Washington’ s garden at Mount Vernon. There are shopping and dining facilities nearby on Old South Gaylord Street.

Washington Park is Denver’s favorite for sports, recreational and fitness options which include an indoor pool, a pedestrian/bicycle pathway, a jogging path made of crushed granite, a horse shoe pit, soccer field, tennis court, a fitness court and a lawn for croquet/bowling area.

The park is bordered by Downing St on the west, Louisiana Avenue southwards, Virginia Avenue on the North and Franklin St on the east.

Cheesman Park

The Cheesman Park is a favorite among joggers thanks to the winding paths of crushed granite. It is also a cool hangout spot for families because of the large playgrounds equipped with slides and swings much to the delight of the young ones. The park also offers awesome vistas that stretch from Cheesman Memorial Pavilion right to the Front Range.

Civic Center Park

Thanks to its location right at the navel of downtown Denver, the Civic Center Park is always teeming with life throughout the year. Tourist and locals are welcome to sample the beautiful landscaping and lively atmosphere of the Urban Park.

Many events are staged in the park all year round. These include the Cinco de Mayo, Civic Center Eats (which is a food truck festival that happens in all summer months on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays). There is the Capitol Hill People’s Fair, the Martin Luther King Jr, Denver PrideFest and A Taste of Colorado are all held annually at the park.

This spacious plaza is eye candy. It is surrounded by monumental public and government buildings which is reason enough to visit. The park is also a stone’s throw away from other attractions in the city like the Denver Art Museum, the 16th Street Mall and the Denver Public Library.


Colorado’s state and urban parks offer some of the most refreshing outdoor recreational parks in the U.S. You can prepare yourself for activities like camping, fishing, rock climbing, biking and water sports. You can also check the events calendar to ensure you become part of the traditional events happening in these parks annually.

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