Altitude Air Conditioning Tune Up

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Altitude Comfort provides a full range of Denver air conditioning tune up services, from annual A/C tune ups to more in-depth troubleshooting inspections if you think there might be a problem with your unit.

The warm, dry Denver summers can put a lot of stress on your air conditioner, and an A/C tune up will help keep your unit running at peak efficiency. Your air conditioning system is a big investment, and our professional annual A/C tune up will extend the life of the system, and help you avoid costly repairs in the future.

Altitude's 18-Point Air Conditioning Tune Up Includes:

  1. Evaluate thermostat operation
  2. Coolant and pressure level inspection
  3. Clean or replace filter (customer supplied)
  4. Check the system's temperature split
  5. Inspect evaporator coil
  6. Inspect outdoor coil
  7. Inspect outdoor disconnect
  8. Inspect fuses
  9. Check all wiring and contacts
  10. Run and test system
  1. Tighten electrical connections
  2. Inspect electrical safety circuits
  3. Inspect relays, contractors, and pressure controls
  4. Check compressor amperage at system startup
  5. Inspect indoor blower motor for dirt buildup
  6. Inspect condensate drain
  7. Inspect sealing of ducts and secure panels
  8. Inspect bearings and lubricate moving parts where necessary

Inspecting these components of your air conditioning system and addressing any issues that need attention will keep your air conditioner operating properly, and extend the life of the system. Homeowners who neglect regular maintenance and A/C tune ups are often surprised to find that their HVAC system will age faster and and require more frequent (and expensive) air conditioning repairs.

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