Capitol Hill One Of Denver’s Hottest Areas For Young Couples

Capitol Hill, in Denver, is remarkably a densely populated neighborhood. Most of the historical buildings in Capitol Hill were done around 1900s. Most of the neighborhood is fully developed, with most of the commercial centers located along the major roads. This makes it easy to access the diverse social amenities in Capitol Hill as one is able to walk to these places on foot. Most of the Capitol Hill buildings are ancient establishments that have undergone or are undergoing renovations. Most of these are historical structures whose construction dates back to the era of the end of Second World War when middle class families left Capitol Hill.

Capitol Hill is so rich in culture. There are a number of museums, including the Clifford Still Museum, the Denver Public Library and the Denver Art Museum, just to name a few. There is a lot to learn from in these historical buildings that are filled with a lot of cultural artifacts inside. The town is also renowned to be the haven for artists and bohemians. This was because of the architectural design that was so appealing to these artists. The concert venues and other cultural amenities are a testimony of the so many cultures that once lived in this town. Capitol Hill is adjacent to two main parks, the Cheeseman Park and the Civic Centre. The peoples fair is one of the main festivals that are hosted in these parks.

There is a wide range of restaurants and meal joints in Capitol Hill. No matter your wants and needs, you are guaranteed of satisfaction whenever you visit these joints. For instance, Benny Blanco’s has you covered when looking for some New York style pizza. Sexy Pizza is also another place you can hope to find some of the best slices of pizza and pies. For the best hot coffee, of just the way you may like yours, the Rooster Cat House, which also offers coffee, tea and sandwiches. Other interesting joints in the neighborhood include the Drip Denver, The Spring Café, and the Thump Coffee.

The most notable places to be while in Capitol Hill are the Wax Tax Records, the Quiznos subs and the Molly Brown House that is now a museum. As time goes on, it can be noted that the rents have increased gradually because as the gentrification is reaching its height; most of the cheap apartments have now been turned into very expensive condominiums.

It is important to note that public transportation in Capitol Hill is easy, affordable and convenient. This ranges from the airplane in the airports, buses, a light rail and the taxis. The light rail trains are easy to find and economically convenient. One of the best things to happen in Capitol Hill is the construction of an airport rail. It was opened on April 2016 and dubbed ‘’Train To The Plane’’. It runs from downtown to Denver International Airport. It will only take you 15 minutes to get to the airport from the station. The other convenient transportation systems in Capitol Hill are the cabs. These, however, charge you depending on the distance and your comfort needs. All these ensure that you have an undisrupted schedule while living or just visiting Capitol Hill.

Most Popular Areas In Denver For Young Couples

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